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A New Year!

A New Year is upon us and you are not here. This year instead of pondering everyday on the fact that you are not here and that you will never be here again, I am going to change. I will remember the Good Times! I will remember you growing up with the kids, tee ball to base ball, kids cheer to dance, baby play time to big time play time.

The Kids will remember....

  • I remember when Uncle Jon would walk us home at night when it was really dark and before we went in he would kiss us on the cheek, give us a hug and Say Goodnight. ~ Gabby
  • I remember when one day he came over and invited me to go to Bass Pro Shop and then he bought me my first duck call. ~ Zeke
  • I remember when my uncle, Jon, played Wii Sports with me.~ Eli
  • I remember for my tenth Birthday, my Uncle Jonathan gave me a fishing hat and a little light that clips on the hat and also he gave me some lures. I remember when he went with us fishing I did not have the right lures so I think he got me them because of that. ~ Mal
  • I remember when me and Uncle Jon went fishing together. ~ Lilli

This World is not the same without you, but you left your mark and we will make sure that lives on. We love and miss you!










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